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Influences of environment and personality on cognitive judgment bias in chickens

Me and this study

Emelie Jansson is my name. I grew up in a farm with a whole bunch of different farm animals, which caused my interest for animals to grow and grow. As I got older my fascination for animals and their range of behaviours became a dominant part in my love for them and so I chose to study animal behaviour even closer. Three years later I had my bachelors degree in ethology and animal welfare from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. However, for a true scientist this is not enough so I kept going and am now finishing up my masters thesis in ethology, which you can read about in this web page. My thesis is about something that has fascinated me for years: how and why individuals differs in their cognition (the process by which we gather, process, store and act upon information from the surroundings, see more under "Introduction"). Here I take a small step in exploring why individuals differ in their cognitive processes by investigating how the cognitive judgment bias is influenced by environmental factors and personality. 

The research is performed in chickens, this is not only an animal which is easy to work with in experimental settings as they are not dependant upon their parents, but also one of my favourite animals. When I was young I had a wide variety of birds as pets, starting with the cockatiel. Now I have a small group of king quails amongst my range of pets. To be able to work with poultry  for my thesis, within the subjects of cognition and personality nonetheless, was therefore an opportunity I could not miss. Click your way through my web page and find out more of what I did and what I found out. Hope you enjoy!


You can contact me via e-mail at emelie.karin.jansson@gmail.com or via phone at (+46)76-3166664

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